Access Control systems protect premises and staff by restricting/preventing access both to and within a property.
Solutions such as personalised ID cards, fobs or swipe cards provide a means of entry through barriers, lifts, shutters, doors, turnstiles and gates that use readers or proximity sensors.

Access control systems can offer flexible control over user movements. For example, all staff can pass through the main door of a building, but entry to internal areas may be restricted only to those needing access. Audio/Video intercom systems can provide a hassle free means of authorising entry to visitors.

These systems can be fully integrated with CCTV and intruder alarms offering ease of management and comprehensive protection. RDS Security Systems can design, supply and install a solution that meets your individual requirements.

We understand that every property is different. To ensure we provide the best advice/design for your specific needs and budget we offer a free, no obligation quotation which includes a visit to your property to discuss your requirements.

Our staff are well trained, friendly and professional, and will respect your property as if it were their own. It is recommended that your system is maintained yearly to ensure its optimum operation.

We offer a range of maintenance packages to suit all system types, sizes and complexity. Whether it was installed by us or not, we can build bespoke maintenance packages for any existing system you have.